Thursday, April 18, 2019

2019 SCHOOL OF BIRDING Workshops - Here they are!!!

There are few places in the world that can equal or surpass the birding phenomenon at Cape May. Likewise, our Cape May School of Birding is unequaled for its range of content and quality of leaders - providing a fun, interactive, and personal setting to learn about birds and nature!!!!!

Our full 2019 schedule of in-depth workshop is now set, and we have brought back many of the favorites and added some exciting new programs. These one-three day events are led by experts in their field: world-class birders and naturalists that have often written the guides we all rely on. Our intimate approach to enjoyment and teaching will provide the opportunity and information you need to grow in understanding and appreciation. While the majority of time is spent in the field watching birds and nature, some of the workshops will incorporate an indoor session – a chance to demonstrate and discuss identification, techniques, conservation, and ecology. Along the way, you’ll meet like-minded people and are sure to form lasting memories and friendships. From beginner to advanced, all are welcome! All the while, your registration fees are helping support the mission of New Jersey Audubon’s Cape May Bird Observatory.

Some great workshops are coming up soon, so don't wait!! Check out all the details and register now at:  Cape May School of Birding


Spring Migration Special
With Brett Ewald * May 3-5

Birding By Ear: Songs & Calls of Eastern Birds
With Michael O'Brien * May 6-7

Spring Shorebirds & Southern Breeders
With Tom Reed * May 15-16

Warblers By Sight & Sound
With Scott Whittle * May 20-21

Appalachian Birding
With Scott Barnes * May 22-23

The Basics of Birding - New!
With Brett Ewald * August 13

Shorebirds With The Man Who Wrote The Book
With Michael O’Brien * August 14-15

Fall Migration At Cape May
With David La Puma * September 13-15

Things That Go Seep In The Night!
With Michael O’Brien * October 4-5

Raptor Migration at its Best - New!
With Brett Ewald * October 6-7

With Scott Whittle * October 10

Cape May with Everything On It
With Louise Zemaitis * October 21-23

Sparrow Sampler 
With Michael O’Brien * October 26-27