Monday, July 16, 2007

Spoonbill chase.......

So we decided to head up to Brigantine NWR to look for the Roseate spoonbill that has been hanging around in the gull tower pond area since 7/12/07.

To make a long story short, we arrived and no one had seen the bird since morning. Having read the reports we figured we might have a good chance of seeing the bird since it had been observed the last two nights somewhere between 6:30 and 7:30, if I remember the posts correctly.

Well, it seems that 6:30 is the witching hour for this bird. We were all standing around when I noticed a bird that looked a little odd. It's been a while since I've seen a spoonbill, since last I was home in Fla. As it turns out my search image didn't fail me. It must be that birding by GISS stuff they all keep talking about around here.

We did have a few other nice birds on the rest of the drive around. I've included the list of species and then a few photos (sorry none of the spoonbill). Oh, I almost forgot to mention the new hybrid we observed this evening. My best guess is that this is a Louisiana (or Tricolored) ibis. Interesting bird.

Birds in no particular order;

Roseate spoonbill, Great egret, Snowy egret, Glossy ibis, Gull-billed tern- a very scientific, lots, Laughing gulls, Black-crowned night-heron, Great blue heron, Canad goose, Mallard, Wood duck, Osprey, Peregrine falcon, Greater and Lesser yellowlegs, Spotted sandpiper, 19 Whimbrel, Least and Semi-palmated sandpiper, Pectoral sandpiper, Short-billed dowitcher, Herring and Great black-backed gulls, Caspian and Forster's terns, Eastern meadowlark, Seaside sparrow and probably a few I forgot.

Short-billed dowitchers

Louisiana ibis?

Diamondback terrapin

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