Friday, December 7, 2007

RED CROSSBILL in Cape May......

......Unfortunately the bird is in an inaccessible location to civilians. Chis Hajduk just called (10:20 a.m.) to let me know he was currently looking at a RED CROSSBILL.....on the Coast Guard Base. So, this bird is off limits to pretty much all of us. But, know that these birds are in the area (and have been off and on as flyovers for some time) and to keep and eye and and ear out. If you don't know crossbill, redpoll, grosbeak or siskin call notes, now would be a great time to break out the cd's and take a listen. Download the tracks to your iPod so that you have them with you all the time. In my experience, these species call a good bit in flight and knowing their calls will only help you track them down quicker. While your at it, you might want to brush up on Snow bunting and longspurs as well. I know I will be!

While I believe that Chris called just to taunt me in particular!, it's good to know of these continued sighting of winter finches. Since it is just now really getting cold and snowy up north we can look for continued pushed of the immigrants into our region. In fact, I heard from a friend the other day they they got a minimum 13" of snow in mid-coast Maine. Likewise, Derek Lovitch, of Maine reports of a Barred owl irruption in Maine and other areas of New England.

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