Saturday, May 31, 2008

Roseate & Sandwich Tern photos

After we had a quick discussion of the days tern rarities, and a quick jaunt out to see if the birds were still around, Bob Fogg sent a few photos to share.

The SANDWICH TERN (center bird in both photos) stands out (quite literally) in comparison to the Forster's Terns in the background.

Hopefully the birder who came into the Northwood Center today to report a possible ROSEATE TERN will see this to confirm his identification. While that bird was seen at the Cape May point State Park, and this photo was taken from the Meadows, there is every possibility that this is the bird from the mornings report. After all it is a very short flight up the beach from the park to the TNC property. Or, there could be more than one Roseate tern around! Note that you can see a bit of rose coloration to the breast in the photos,
it's not just a Photoshop trick.

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