Friday, June 20, 2008

For those of you waiting on bated breath....

Since binoculars are the primary tool for birding and CMBO is well known in the binocular industry, we have been let in on a bit of information that we'd like to pass along. Anyone out there who is drooling at the chance to lay their hands on the newest primer optic to hit the streets; I'm talking about the Nikon EDG which was slated to be released in June. Well, unfortunately you'll have to wait a little bit longer. And at this point I do not have any information on when this optic will become available. Hopefully not too long!!

What you can do is to visit the NJAS/CMBO online optics site ( to read a fresh review of the 7x42 EDG. Pete acquired a pair while on a Nikon promotional trip to Guatemala and has given more detailed thoughts (in comparison to our preliminary review which was previously posted on FeatherEdge Optics) on this binocular.

So what's the delay on Nikon's part? Well, you may remember that both Pete and I pointed out (in the preliminary review) that the focus wheel, which pulls up to adjust the diopter, would not always stay clicked down. This can prove to be troublesome when using the optic in the field and evidently Pete found this to be true on his trip to the rain forest. This, and the fact that the eye cups will not stay locked in place has caused Nikon to halt production and ensure that the binoculars are not in the hands of the general public until they are absolutely ready. You have to applaud Nikon for doing this, besides the fact that it would probably cost them more in repairs and sales if they were to release the optic before it was ready.

So, keep tuned in, we'll let you know when the binoculars arrive and rest assured that CMBO should be one of the first in North America to find this great new glass.

One last note, remember that when purchasing online at, you must be a NJAS or CMBO member. No worries if you are not because you can join at the time of check out. Keep in mind that just like purchasing through our physical stores, members receive our members pricing and the best part is that the profit dollars from your purchase are going to further the conservation, research and education mission of the New Jersey Audubon Society. Sure you can purchase on-line at many other optics sites(you wouldn't find lower prices though, as long as they are an authorized dealer) but can those other companies say that dollars they keep after the cost of the optic, are going to help conserve habitat and wildlife, research why certain species are in decline and educate the public about what they can do to to help conservation and research? Just thought you'd like to know!

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