Friday, November 21, 2008

Hummers continue in Cape May

According to the eBird records review I work on, I see that Karl Lukens still has a Ruby-throated Hummingbird visiting his home feeder as of 11/18 &19.  This feeder can be viewed at 627 Sea Grove Ave.

Also a hummer, probably the Selasphorus that was visiting CMBO volunteer Bev Linn's home on Foster Ave., has been visiting a feeder at 711 New England Rd. which is virtually just around the corner.

The homeowner, Patricia Young, has been gracious enough to invite birders to look for this hummingbird at her feeders.  Below is a portion of an email from Ms. Young.  NoteThere is a dog present in the back yard at this location and you must keep the back gate latched.

As always, if you venture to look for these birds, please be respectful of the home owners property.

From Patricia;

"As of today, 11/21/08, I am still feeding at least one Hummingbird. My experience in identifying birds is limited... but I would say this is not a Rubythroat.
The address is 711 New England Rd., I actually had three out of state birders here last Saturday, simply because they couldn't find Foster Ave.
There is a feeder in the front yard and one in the back, visits are frequent throughout the day.
Feel free to post the address, I only ask that the backyard gate be latched, and warn anyone interested that I have a dog and there will be evidence of that underfoot.
Preferred roosting spots are the Forsythia hedge in front and the Plum tree out back."

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