Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cape May Point walk, the BIGGEST full moon!, and Eagle Survey in progress

Karl Lukens, Tom Parsons and Kathy & Roger Horn report the following from this morning's Cape May Point walk:

"...we had the usual winter suspects as far as ducks were concerned and a nice variety of land birds. Notable were a flock of ~50 Tree Swallows, 30 Cedar Waxwings, a Winter Wren, Eastern Phoebe, Palm Warbler, and 3 Ipswich Savannah Sparrows."

If you happen to be outside this evening (and if it happens to not be cloudy), you might just see the "biggest" full moon of 2009 emerging over the eastern horizon. Jason sent along the following article from Yahoo! for more information.

This weekend also marks the annual two-day Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey conducted by the State of New Jersey, and coordinated by CMBO's Vince Elia. Vince and I are covering the Delaware Bayshore between Reed's Beach and Heislerville, and have tallied about a dozen Bald Eagles so far. Among the morning highlights included four immature eagles which emerged from a roost in Beaver Swamp WMA, and two adults (presumably the Beaver Swamp pair) seen hanging out at Jake's Landing later on.

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