Thursday, February 12, 2009


While Bob Fogg's image of the continuing BLACK-HEADED GULL is absolutely fantastic for a study of this bird in flight, I wanted to share one more image. Karl Lukens sent this photo (below) to me, which is excellent for comparing the similarities between Black-headed an Bonaparte's Gulls roosting on the water.

While Laura and I could not try for the bird earlier this morning, we were able to get to the Concrete Ship later in the morning, but unfortunately were not able to locate the intended gull. There were numbers of Bonaparte, Ring-billeds, a hand full of Herring and a couple Great Black-backed Gulls. Most of the gulls were east of the ship toward the Alexander Ave jetty and with the high hinds/waves and sun it was difficult at best to really tell if the Black-headed was in the mix using only bins. Suffice for the very similar appearance of these species on the water!!

Boneparte's Gull, left and Black-headed Gull, right

(Photo Courtesy of Karl Lukens,

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