Saturday, March 21, 2009

To All Young Birder's Photo Quiz Particpants

Laura informed me that the participation for this month's quiz is down a bit. I have to take responsibility as I talked her in to using the current photo, thinking the challenge was not too great.

Just in case you happened to look at the photo quiz at the beginning of the month and have not been back, go take a look again as we've added a hint (read on and you'll get a few more).

Know that this photo quiz is not as hard as it may seem at first glance. Yes, you do have to look a bit closer at the bird and the surroundings! In fact, this is a very common bird that most of you have probably seen around your own house. Some of you will regret not participating this month once you learn its true identity. It may help to also know that this image was taken on the ground with a BirdCam camera.

So if you feel up for the game, take a second, third or fourth look at the Young Birder's Photo Quiz. Look closely at the surroundings and of course the bird. I think that if you look close the answer will jump out at you like those bright white median coverts!

If you think the quiz is too hard and would like to voice your opinion about this please feel free to email me directly at jason.guerard AT If you'd like to email me to see if you are on the right track, feel free to do that too! Just don't blame Laura, I twisted her arm to use a challenging image to help us focus not solely on the bird when making an identification.

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