Thursday, April 30, 2009

Say's Phoebe at Cove Pool / 2nd Avenue Jetty Area

UPDATE: Karl Lukens reports that the Say's Phoebe is currently feeding in the dunes at the end of the boardwalk at Mt. Vernon Avenue, as of 12:15pm.

(10:30am) - Bob Fogg just called to say that a SAY'S PHOEBE was found this morning at Cove Pool (the very east side of the Meadows/Cape May Migratory Bird Refuge), seen from the boardwalk at the end of Mount Vernon Avenue. The following directions from Bill Boyle are right on the money:

"From the traffic light at Sunset and Broadway in West Cape May, continue on south on Broadway to Mt. Vernon (3 blocks) and turn right. Go two blocks to the end of Mt. Vernon and
scan for the bird from the boardwalk."

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