Saturday, July 25, 2009

Common Moorhen, Blue-winged Teal In The Meadows

[One of five Great Egrets seen during last evening's walk.
Photo by Karl Lukens, click to enlarge.

Karl Lukens reports that the weekly Friday evening walk around the South Cape May Meadows produced 53 species, with highlights including three Common Moorhens, a Blue-winged Teal and over five dozen Glossy Ibis. All three of these species are typical "early-fall" migrants, with Glossies actually starting to move as early as the last ten days of June. It'll be interesting to see if Moorhens start to become more of a regular commodity at the Meadows, now that the effects of the restoration are taking hold.

The walk also encountered a few shorebirds, including a nice tally of 17 Semipalmated Plovers, along with two "Western" Willets. The full list is included below.

[Two Common Moorhens along the east path of the Meadows last evening.
The white "racing stripe" is just barely visible on the bird standing to the right
Photo by Karl Lukens, click to enlarge.

Location: South Cape May Meadows
Observation date: 7/24/09
Notes: CMBO Trip-K,K&RH,PR,WC,+8.PtlySun,73,S5
Number of species: 53

Canada Goose 40
Mute Swan 10
Wood Duck 2
Mallard 25
Blue-winged Teal 1
Great Egret 5
Snowy Egret 4
Green Heron 1
Black-crowned Night-Heron 5
Glossy Ibis 65
Osprey 3
Common Moorhen 3
Semipalmated Plover 17
Killdeer 15
American Oystercatcher 3
Spotted Sandpiper 4
Greater Yellowlegs 1
Willet 2 * inornata (Western)
Lesser Yellowlegs 5
Least Sandpiper 4
Laughing Gull 50
Ring-billed Gull 4
Herring Gull 18
Great Black-backed Gull 30
Least Tern 20
Common Tern 10
Forster's Tern 10
Black Skimmer 12
Rock Pigeon 1
Mourning Dove 10
Chimney Swift 8
Ruby-throated Hummingbird 1
Northern Flicker 1
Eastern Kingbird 2
Fish Crow 1
Purple Martin 10
Northern Rough-winged Swallow 1
Barn Swallow 2
Marsh Wren 3
American Robin 2
Northern Mockingbird 2
European Starling 15
Yellow Warbler 3
Common Yellowthroat 3 heard
Song Sparrow 1
Northern Cardinal 4
Indigo Bunting 1 heard after walk
Red-winged Blackbird 30
Common Grackle 10
Brown-headed Cowbird 5
House Finch 1
American Goldfinch 5
House Sparrow 5

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