Friday, June 10, 2011

How's the Tour Going?

 [Welcome to Alaska: breaching Humpback outside Resurrection Bay near Seward. Click to enlarge all photos.]

NJA VP of Education Dale Rosselet sent Mark Garland and I a text message yesterday asking how the Alaska tour we are currently leading for New Jersey Audubon/CMBO was going. Answer: Awesome!

Mark's laptop unfortunately died, but you can follow our progress on my blog at .

New Jersey Audubon's Eco-travel Program, in my humble opinion, is as good as any tour company's and better than most, with the combination of broad natural history focus and great success on finding targetted birds on any tour they offer.

 [Horned Puffins are common to abundant in parts of coastal Alaska.]

[Our NJA/CMBO group with the Aialik Glacier in the background, and a piece of it in Chuck Slugg's hands.]

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