Friday, May 10, 2013

World Series Here We Come!!!

The 30th World Series looms before us; birders will be in bed early tonight (or perhaps not at all!) preparing for one second after midnight - when the countdown stops and the counting begins! As a fitting lead-in to the event, Mother Nature smiled on us last night, spun us a nice run of South-westerly winds and dumped a multitude of many-colored birds on us! Higbee Beach and many other locations south of the Cape May Canal dripped with warblers today, as well as a mass of Scarlet Tanagers and Baltimore Orioles. Flycatchers, grosbeaks, cuckoos and thrushes were all in the mix and conditions look set for a much healthier World Series than I was fearing.

At last night's Swapmeet at Goshen, teams exchanged information and a break day of latest sightings is given at the following page on our website:

If you are in town to compete, do check out the list for any extra species you may not know about; if you are here just to enjoy the birding, check out the list anyway!

Good luck all - the fun starts now!!