Wednesday, October 4, 2017

SPARROW SAMPLER with Michael O'Brien - October 14 & 15

A workshop celebrating the ‘LBJs’ (little brown jobs). Subtle and cryptic they might be; difficult to identify they are not, providing you have the right instructor, the right place and the right time. A time when lots of sparrows and lots of species abound. Common species like Swamp, Field, Savannah and Chipping. Uncommon ones like Clay-colored, Vesper, Lincoln’s, Nelson’s and Saltmarsh. Learn the basics of size, shape and behavior first, then practice examining plumage patterns to discover how stunning sparrows can be. Join us on this exciting School of Birding Workshop!

Saturday, October 14 & Sunday, October 15.
$150 members, $200 nonmembers.

Reserve you spot now! - CMBO School of Birding

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