Friday, April 6, 2018

Northern Gannets Galore!!!

There has been an enormous number of Northern Gannets massing and migrating past Cape May Point and other areas of southern New Jersey the past several days - following the coastline and feeding in the near-shore waters. These large seabirds (3' tall, 6' wingspan, and weighing over 6 lbs.) are beautiful flyers, and making their way north to breeding colonies on cliffs in northern maritime Canada. They have been passing very close to shore by the thousands, sometimes right over the jetties, presenting an opportunity to study their various plumages, as they mature from immature (gray-brown in coloration) to adult (white with black wingtips) over four years. This short video was taken early this morning (Apr. 6) in North Wildwood, as over 8,500 passed by in one hour - over 10,000 passed by before 10:00 AM. Gannets have been reported in large numbers from the southern Delaware Bayshore to Sea Isle - a great place to witness the spectacle is at the Coral Ave. dune crossing in Cape May Point, where the Springwatch is underway every day, starting at sunrise and continuing for at least 3 hours. Stop by and join in the fun, or follow the counts at! Truly a remarkable sight to see!!!!

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