Sunday, August 26, 2007

From the Northwood Center sightings log

Finally got to see the Baird's sandpiper. Whew! Thought that I had forgotten how to tell what they looked like.

Since I have not been able to get the hotline done for this week, I thought that I'd at least post some of the more interesting sightings from the last couple of days.

Dickcissel- 8/25- Beanery
Baird's sandpiper (of course!)- 8/26- Bunker pond
Western sandpiper- same as above
3 Upland and 3 Buff-breasted sandpiper- 8/25- out of county, Johnson's Sod Farm
Lark sparrow- 8/26- CMBO Villas WMA walk
2 Upland sandpipers (fly overs)- 8/26- Cape May point State Park
Also at the park today;
Long-billed dowitcher
4 Black terns
Yellow-bellied flycatcher
Yellow-breasted chat- 8/26- Higbee
Worm-eating warbler- 8/26- Higbee

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