Saturday, August 11, 2007

Success with the sparrow

Took a quick jaunt to the State Park to look for the Lark sparrow soon after posting the previous.

We headed straight for the metal bridge and waited and waited and waited. Finally about 4:45 pm. we heard a faint call note (not sure if it was the sparrow) and a bird flew in over head (from the S-SW) and gave a nice flash of the white in the tail as it went to land in the dead tree immediately to the NE of the bridge. It hung around in the tree giving great views and then about 4:50 pm. it flew off to the W and landed (out of sight) on the mudflat area on Lighthouse pond at the end of the creek.

Now this is not a mega rarity but a good find. It's especially gratifying to me since I've missed six or so in my few years living in Cape May and my years as the hawk counter. Even better, this is a four ticker; new for my year list and state, county and Cape Island list. Ah, what we do to wile away the hours.

Chances are that the bird will hang around a bit so if your down in Cape May you might try for the bird. While your there check out Lighthouse pond. There's a good amount of mud opened up with a good number of shorebirds. Karl said they had a White-rumped sandpiper this morning on the CMBO walk and I thought I had three flying around when the group got up and circled. I'll have to lug the scope through the park tomorrow on my morning wander.

Remember if your trying to figure out what you might have a chance to see while your visiting Cape May, you can check out the checklist which gives rough times (spring, summer, fall and winter) you can expect to see certain species. Or, check out the Naturalist Calendar for historical sightings. These are the ones with the blue tabs. Interestingly Laura just today put in a post on the calendar for Sept. 16 about a Lark bunting and sparrow seen in the area way back in 1993. I'll find out what historical sightings goodies she is posting to the calendar next so we'll know what to look for.....

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