Friday, November 30, 2007

Bullock's Oriole still kicking.... as of 9:15 a.m. at least

On my way into the Northwood Center this morning I drove past the oriole spot on Baysore Rd. (Hidden Valley Extension) and there were three people braving the cold temps. for a look at the Bullock's oriole. And as it turns out a great look is what they got. I missed it by just a few minutes. Evidently about 9:15 am the bird popped up in a leafless deciduous tree, back to the southwest of the tangles in which the bird has been see relatively frequently, and gave quite the show. They even were able to get the bird in the scope for close views. Also at least two female Baltimore orioles are still present

While it is a bit windy now, forecast to get stronger and switch to the SW, it may be the sun which brings the bird out. Maybe this bird is like Superman and draws it's strength from the sun? Or, would that make it a reptile........... Anyway, it seems that today may be a good day to look for this bird. Given the approaching weather, like Paul said in the Birding Forecast, today and Saturday may be your best bet to look for some of these out of place birds.

Good luck to all who decide to take the chase.

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