Friday, November 9, 2007

Cormorant Flight, 3 Goshawks, W. Kingbird photo, and more on Grosbeaks

[Western Kingbird near Fortescue, Cumberland County last week. Found by Karen Johnson, photo by George Myers.]

Ken Behrens reports the following from the seawatch, from yesterday:
"There were almost 40,000 birds at the seawatch today, including over 20,000 DC Cormorants - definitely the largest count ever in November at Avalon. I don't think there have ever been even 10,000 in a day before in November. The variety was not great - most birds were very far, and it was hard to pick non-scoters out of the scoter flocks.
Nonetheless, a spectacular day."

Continuing the funky early-late blend of raptors at Cape May Point, yesterday Chris Brown record 3 Goshawks, 1 Golden Eagle, and 3 Broad-winged Hawks. Full results will be on View from the Field soon.

Finally, I just received a report of 6 Evening Grosbeaks at a feeder in Crandon Lakes, Hampton (north Jersey) yesterday - here they come - I hope!

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