Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sparrow Review

W-wnw winds today are providing a nice flight at the hawk watch but another treat has been the sparrow infux. These birds are often overlooked and or lumped into LBJ's but with some close examination and a little time sparrows can be a real fall treat. The Villas NWR, Beanery, Higbee's far fields and Hidden Valley are great for seeing sparrows. The hawk watch platform is also a terrific place to pick through your sparrows for some reason. Take your time, look close (very close sometimes) and enyoy the little ground seed-eaters. One of my highlights of the fall was to be stumped by a Vesper Sparrow. Immediatly, I said Clay Colored because of how light it was, but thanks to a very observant gal my sparrow lesson was learned. Look close, admire, name last. Keep searchin - Josh

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