Sunday, April 13, 2008

Arrival and departure dates

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Something that I wanted to mention about eBird in my post last night, but forgot, is the new feature which gives you arrival and departure dates, high counts and bar charts for species given certain parameters. If you visit the News and Features section you'll find a written description of how this new addition to the eBird user tools works. You can also find a link to the description on the eBird home page. And, since they have explained it, I'll save you from having to read my take on how it works.

What I have done (see the image above) is to provide you a glimpse as to the bar graph feature that you can access and create with your own eBird account. Using the data from my sightings starting 1/1/07, I created a set of bar graphs which help me to identify arrival and departure dates, as well as, relative abundance given my own personal data set. I used the parameters for all sightings I've entered for all areas I've birded in Cape May County. This can also be done for the an entire state using all eBird data. Below is an image I created for arrivals for all of New Jersey, just for reference.

Now you have the ability to refine sighting information on a state wide level, county level or using eBird Hotspots. Also, accessing the same information but for just your own personal sightings. As I think I stated last night, contributing to the overall understanding of bird movements and distribution plus keeping your own data and robust reporting's a win-win situation.

Two sightings updates. Karen Johnson (CMBO volunteer) called to report the first Prothonotary Warbler of the spring. It was near the intersection of Rt 49 and Dam Rd. (near Wheatherby Rd. Rt. 548 as I understand it) in the Belleplain State Forest area. Also, speaking with a good friend from Cornell yesterday he said that he had seen two Chimney Swifts over the Cape May Lighthouse on the evening of 4/11.

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