Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's New: RSS feeds

RSS feeds are an easy way for you to stay current with your favorite columns and blogs on RSS stands for "real simple syndication" and is a free service that allows you to subscribe to the RSS feeds of your choice.

The following columns/blogs have RSS feeds:
View from the Cape: Recent Sightings
Birding Forecast: Mid Atlantic
Tigrina Times Magazine
Photographer of the Month archives
Birding Q & A for young birders

Subscribing is easy and there are a few choices available when you click on the RSS icon or "subscribe to this feed" displayed on the page. (For Tigrina Times Magazine and Photographer of the Month archives you will see the RSS icon in the address bar of your browser. See Figure 1: red arrow.)

(Figure 1)

Click on the RSS icon and you will be prompted to subscribe to the feed using:
1. "Live Bookmarks"—which puts the RSS icon and a drop down listing of the current posts right in your toolbar (see Figure 1: purple arrow.) This way you do not need to browse to View from the Cape to see what's new; all you have to do is check your feed listing and when a new post is listed, simply click the title and the View from the Cape page will open in your browser.
2. "Choose Application"—if you have or wish to install a feed reader program on your computer.
3. Bloglines, My Yahoo or iGoogle for those of you with an account.

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