Sunday, April 6, 2008

RUFF @ Heislerville WMA

CMBO volunteer Karen Johnson just called to inform me that she has found a RUFF at the Heislerville WMA (pg. 66 K-12 in the NJ DeLorme Atlas) in Cumberland County. You may remember that this is the area where numerous (meaning up toward four different individuals) Curlew Sandpipers were found during May of 2007.

The bird is currently being seen from the dike road, by the spillway which goes into the cove. If my memory is serves, you will turn left off of the main road (Rt. 736) on to the dike road. After a curve in the dike road to the left you will come to a pull off area. The spill way should be apparent from this location and you would be looking to the left for the bird on the mud flat. It was in the company of Dunlin and Lesser Yellowlegs.

Anyone who attempts to look for this bird, please let us know so that we can keep the rest of the viewing public up to date of its whereabouts.

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