Saturday, August 23, 2008

Photos from the Meadows, and what a difference a year makes

The following were taken during last night's CMBO walk at the Meadows-

Clockwise from top left: Lesser Black-backed Gull; Seawatching from the beach; Great Egret; Black Skimmers with Royal Terns; A practical use for Mute Swans; Beach at the west path. Photos by Tom Reed.

The following is a side-by-side comparison showing the progress made at the Meadows in just over a year. The picture on the left was taken by Jason Guerard during July of last year. The picture on the right was taken by myself last evening. Cool stuff, and if you haven't been to the Meadows since last fall, you're really in for a pleasant surprise when you return.

Left: West path, South Cape May Meadows, July '07. Photo by Jason Guerard.
Right: West path, South Cape May Meadows, August '08. Photo by Tom Reed.

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