Saturday, August 30, 2008


Just got back from viewing the RED-NECKED STINT found today around 10:30 by Richard Crossley at the wet area to the east of the Two Mile Landing Restaurant off of Ocean Drive in the Wild Wood Crest area. See map below for exact location.

The bird was being viewed very close to the parking area in the pool to the east of the restaurant parking lot. There were a number of Semipalmated Sandpipers as well but the bird is still in fine plumage and pretty much stuck out like a sore thumb. There really is no searching for the bird (even if it had its rear toward you) as the red on the back of the neck and on the scapulars give the bird away with out even trying to search the feeding flock.

The bird was watched by a handful of birders until about 11:25 or so when Laura and I left. At the time we left the bird had flown from the pool in which it had been feeding, north toward the Jarvis Sound beach. We did not stick around to see if everyone was able to relocate the bird. But, definitely worth the search effort.

We will of course post updates on the birds location as the become available. Also photos as they become available.

Take Ocean Drive toward Wild Wood Crest and cross the toll bridge. There is no toll going east!

Take a left turn on Fish Dock Rd. and head down to the restaurant parking area on the right. The bird was being seen in the pool just to the east of the parking area.

This is the exact area the the bird was initially found and being seen .

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