Monday, September 1, 2008

NO STINT sightings, so it would seem

To the best of my knowledge there have been no further STINT sightings since the evening of its discovery (8/30). According to what I've learned from folks who have gone for the bird or read on line, no one was able to lay eyes on the bird at Two Mile Landing yesterday.

While the bird may truly be gone, don't give up all hope. There is the possibility that it could show back up at Two Mile, or it could show up at another Cape May shorebird loved location. If there is any good news (as in the rediscovery of this species) we'll post the information as quickly as possible.

Until then, Karl Lukens has shared another photo of the stint. This one, with the wings lifted, shows the fine streaking along the sides of the breast and down into the flanks. One thing I love about having all of these wonderful photos to share is the difference in the photographers eye. It's interesting to see what each of these photographers captured of this same bird at one moment in time.

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