Friday, September 19, 2008

NORTHERN WHEATEAR- Cape May Point State Park

At around 4:35 today I received a text message that a NORTHERN WHEATEAR had been found near the second plover pond at the Cape May Point State Park. Arriving as quickly as possible after I received the word, found that the bird had yet to venture off, and was still there when I left around 5:20 p.m.

Knowing that Wheaters often do not stick long and the lateness of the day, you may have a chance at this bird if you live in close proximity to Cape May. Otherwise, thank goodness it is Saturday tomorrow! The bird did seem to be in no hurry to move on and the general weather would indicate that there may be a good chance that it will stick.

So, if you want to try for this bird be at the Cape May point State Park first thing in the morning. It may certainly move around and could be pretty much anywhere in the dune area but I'd suggest trying to the bird right were it is today.

The bird was hanging around mostly on the ground but make sure you check the Bayberry bushes along side the trail as when I arrived it was actually sitting up in a bush with palm Warblers flitting around.

So, it's the location you'd like to know. The wheatear was initially found on the ground in the path between the first and second plover ponds. Found by a Hudson Mohawk birding group (sorry if I got this wrong, I'll make sure correct credit is given if I am wrong), the bird flew up and sat for a short time on a trial sign and then into the bush. See the Google Maps below for the "X" that marks the spot.

Also look for photos of this bird in the very near future.

Good Luck!

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