Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Tropical Storm Warning Is Cancelled"

This was the scrolling marquee at the bottom of the TV when I got home this evening. At one point we were supposed to be in the middle of the storm at 10:00, not the storm completely past. While the growing thought seems to favor the lack of storm birds in the morning; remember there could be anything anywhere. Besides what else were you planning to do at first light? I know where I'll be.

I figure nothing ventured nothing gained. In other words, if you aren't out, you'll never know what might have been around. Take what did show up with the storm today. 1 adult and 2 juv. SOOTY TERNS, a handful of Jaeger sp. at least one PARASITIC and one POMARINE JAEGER. A probable CORY'S SHEARWATER and many BLACK TERNS (though the latter has been around in very good numbers). It may not have been what birding dreams are made of but I suppose it's better to get the chance to see these species, right? If nothing else, take a look back at the storm as it approached the area, it never did end up "getting its act together" such that it concentrated birds in its center of circulation. See what you might be able to learn from this particular weather event.

Also remember that there could be other species that show up, even a day or two after a storm passes. I'm thinking that there might be a few good shorebirds that show up depending on how full of water the Meadows and Plover Ponds are after the rain. We did not get the full brunt of the rain so it might have been just enough. This is not limited to birds that are associated with water either. There is always the chance for as passerine to get blown back north with the storm.

Here's hoping for the continued good birding!

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