Thursday, October 16, 2008

AviSys Users Rejoice! Your records are now eBird compatible!!

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To all Avisys Birding Software users (and potential users for that matter) I wanted to share that Team eBird has recently released an article and new feature to the eBird site. It seems that they have finally been able to work out all the bugs in the programming to allow Avisys users to be able to download their sightings information and further contribute the information to scientific uses. I know that in speaking with members of Team eBird in the past, this Avisys downloadability utility was something they had been grappling with for a little while.

Click the following link for more information or the Avisys Export tool via eBird .

I know from speaking with many people about the benefits of using eBird, not only as a personal records database but also for it's many uses in the scientific world, that many folks were always concerned with the fact that they preferred the Avisys program which they were used to. I can't blame them, who whats to enter their sightings data twice and in two different formats? Not me. And it's no surprise that these folks probably have never ventured into submitting sightings to eBird. Now, there really is no excuse.

So I hope that with this new utility that this will mean more folks will be contributing to the eBird (which is also shared with the Avain Knowledge Network) database. As you know, the more folks contributing sightings information, the better off for the bird we love to watch. Heck, you already have the sightings info in the database. And as usual, I'll recommend to anyone reading this who has not ventured into the world of eBird, give it a try!

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