Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back Bay Skimmers, Terns, Herons and Loons: Don't Miss the Boat

We did a pilot run of what undoubtedly is going to be a popular weekly boat trip out of Somer's Point tonight - we being CMBO naturalists aboard the Duke O' Fluke. More info on this trip will be forthcoming - in the meantime it should be noted that we saw more Yellow-crowned Night-Herons tonight than I've seen all year, as well as the first Herring Gull chicks of the year, and the Black Skimmer colony on Malibu Beach near Longport. And a Common Loon, apparently summering, resting on a sand bar. And Seaside Sparrows, oystercatchers, a lingering Black-bellied Plover, Willets. . . In the meantime, there's still room on our first back bay breeding bird survey by boat (scroll down to June 20 if you follow this link) this Saturday, June 20, which will be awesome, with a similar group of birds in the back bay area from Cape May up to Herford Inlet and Stone Harbor Point.

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