Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brown Pelican in Reed's Beach

[Brown Pelican (center) in the mouth of Bidwell Creek this evening. Photo by Tom Reed.]

My cell phone sounded off shortly before dusk this evening, thanks to Brian Moscatello and Janet Sedicino. They were at the north end of Reed's Beach, where a Brown Pelican had flown in from Delaware Bay and then proceeded to land atop one of the pilings in the mouth of Bidwell Creek. I clicked a few medicore pictures in the waning light, but just being able to see the bird, our first of the year and at relatively close range, was satisfying enough. I understand that another Brown Pelican was seen from Stone Harbor Point on Saturday... 'tis the season.

Also in the same area were several Least Terns, a dozen Black Skimmers and perhaps most interestingly, a pair of American Oystercatchers. Oystercatchers have attempted to breed near Reed's Beach at least once in the past, and another attempt would be very notable here on the Delaware Bayshore, where the species is essentially unknown as a breeding bird.

[Black Skimmer flying past Reed's Beach at dusk. Photo by Tom Reed.]

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