Sunday, June 28, 2009

Superb June Birding in Cape May: Repeat Anhinga, White Ibis, Black-headed Gull, Sandwich Tern, Black Rail, King Rail

Who says the birding is slow in June?! You couldn't ask for better birding than there's been around Cape May during the past week, and that trend continued into yesterday evening and this morning-

The Anhinga of yesterday was re-found high over the South Cape May Meadows during the 9:00 hour, and was last seen drifting off toward the north. An adult White Ibis was subsequently found along the west path of the South Cape May Meadows shortly before 11am, and was seen by many observers. A King Rail was heard along the west path, and the Black Rail was again heard (and seen by a lucky few) this morning.

Last evening, the second plover pond at the State Park was hopping, with highlights including a Black-headed Gull, a Sandwich Tern and an unusually dark Common Tern.

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