Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cape May Point State Park to be CLOSED Thursday, October 1

We just learned that Cape May Point State Park will be closed for spraying of exotic invasive species, primarily Phragmites, on Thursday October 1. The gates will be closed, and when they reopen the park is open again - that may be as soon as noon Thursday.

No members of the public will be allowed in the park. CMBO's 8:30 a.m. walk will meet at the park entrance and bird around Cape May Point, which can be quite good for both hawks and perching birds. Parking in the "outer" lot at the park will be limited, so anyone coming on the walk is encouraged to find legal parking on the streets in Cape May Point and walk over to the lot, at the park entrance on the left, to meet the group.

We'll be sure to post here as soon as we learn when the park re-opens.

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