Monday, September 24, 2007

CMBO Villas WMA walk- 9/23/07

This note was sent to me from George Myers about yesterdays CMBO Villas WMA walk. Don't know where the Villas WMA is located, look at the Cape May Birding and Butterfly map (Cape May County side), letter H.

"There were a lot of call notes heard from the wooded areas and a number of passerines passing overhead in the first hour."

1 Wilson's Snipe
1 Rose-breasted Grosbeak
30 Bobolinks
50 Northern Flickers
2 American Kestrels
4 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 1 chasing a Blackpoll Warbler
1 Cooper's Hawk
2 Palm Warblers
5 Blackpoll Warblers
1 American Redstart
1 Northern Waterthrush
1 Belted Kingfisher

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