Saturday, September 15, 2007

First good hawk (and Monarch) flight of the season, happening right now!

Just went up to the hawk watch for a few (way to few) minutes to see what the NW winds have blown down to the Point. While I was there a steady stream of American kestrels were flying past, along with Merlin, Sharp-shinned hawks; a Northern harrier or two and some Osprey.

So far, it seems that Jessie has counted about 250 or so kestrels, about 75 sharp-shin's and about 100 Merlin.

I would expect that with the winds continuing to maintain strength and staying from the NW that the flight should last a good long while into the day. If you were thinking about getting down to Cape May to do some hawk watching, now would be a good time.

Tomorrow should be good as well, at least in the morning. The winds were projected to switch to the NE at some point on Sunday.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that there is also a good flight of Monarch butterflies happening as well. In scanning the skies two species were very obvious, kestrels and monarchs.

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