Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good News for Horsehoe Crabs and Red Knots

A bill extending the ban on horseshoe crab harvest in New Jersey was passed 39-0 yesterday in the NJ State senate, and now goes to Governor Corzine for his signature. The bill, if signed, will reverse the ridiculous, science-ignoring decision of the state marine fisheries council, which would have allowed a limited but significant harvest of crabs this year. NJAS conservation and research staff have worked tirelessly on this issue, in Trenton, Washington, and on the Delaware Bay Shore, as have many partner organizations, and with good reason, given the catastrophic decline of the Red Knot in recent years. Thank-you to all our members and supporters, especially those who helped apply political pressure to ensure this bill passed the legislature in a timely fashion - and please keep it up!

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