Friday, March 28, 2008

Yellow-throated Warblers, Louisiana Waterthrush Return!

And the warbler show begins. . . this just in from Janet Crawford:

"Karen [Johnson] and I did Belleplain this morning. There were 2 Louisiana Waterthrushes, one at the bridge on Sunset, and one down toward the other bridge. Yellow-throated Warblers were everywhere - we counted 16 - but were particularly thick at the White Pine Plantation. We got great looks at one there. Janet"

"The bridge at Sunset" is of course the famous one on Sunset Road in Belleplain, near the "triangle."

Pete Dunne also told me Yellow-throated Warblers were in at Bevan WMA this morning.

Given the popularity of warblers (and the profusion of warbler species that appear in Cape May Point, Villas WMA, Belleplain, etc. in spring) we're offering a double dose of warbler workshops this spring as part of CMBO's Cape May School of Birding. Warblers by Sight and Sound I will be led by Louise Zemaitis and Michael O'Brien May 5-6, and Mark Garland will lead a second session of this workshop May 5-6.

Another migration event of note is a very obvious surge of Tree Swallows this morning - they're all over the sky at CMBO-CRE in Goshen, and prospecting for nest sites already. These birds weren't here just yesterday.

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