Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fallout in the north?

I do not envy Dave LaPuma for having to forecast not only the weather but the birds.

Nonetheless, I'm looking at a number of weather sites and it sure looks like fallout conditions in northern NJ for Friday morning are emerging as a cold front approaches and winds are forecast to go from south to north in the late night/early morning hours. It will be interesting to see what develops at Garret Mountain, Scherman-Hoffman, Culver's Lake and other north Jersey hotspots tomorrow. Right now it looks like the front will not reach Cape May by daybreak and maybe not at all, we'll see. Birding in Cape May is always good, and we are anticipating some great things for the CMBO spring weekend, which starts tomorrow. . .but if I had a personal day, I'd take it and go to Garret Mountain tomorrow. . .

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