Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Word on the Street about Crabs + hummer photo

I've heard that a decent number of small female Horseshoe Crabs have been spawing of late - the speculation is that these could be progeny of survivors of the first crab harvest moratorium we secured, on hand harvest of females back in 1998. Handfuls of Red Knots have been seen at Reed's and Cook's Beach the past few days.

Kim Peters, NJAS Director of Research and Monitoring, borrowed my scope at lunchtime today and took a friend up to Beaver Swamp to see the eagles - successfully, as they found one "fledgling" on the nest. The Beaver Swamp chicks have been flying for some time, but still are frequently observed perched on or near the nest.

[Hummers at peace for once - at Karl Lukens' Cape May feeders.]

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