Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blue Goose, Woodcock, et. al. + Cumberland CBC results

[A lovely "Blue" Snow Goose at the Shunpike Road pond. Photo by Karl Lukens, click to enlarge all photos.]

Courtesy of Mike Fritz, Cumberland CBC results and a photo of the (now deceased) wintering Rufous/Allen's Hummingbird at a private feeder in the count circle are up under Field Trip Reports.

Karl Lukens reports from yesterday: "Snow Geese at several locations; 2 with the large flock of Canada Geese in the field behind 621 Sea Grove as well as the Cackling Goose. A group of 10 Snows at Shun Pike Pond also had one Blue Goose, and 63 in the field across from the Beanery Parking Lot. Male and Female Eurasian Wigeons on Lighthouse Pond. Drake Redhead on Lily Lake [Vince Elia had a female there today, and Bill Boyle had the male and the 2 EUWI this morning - DF]. A flock of ~ 100 Snow Buntings on the beach at 1st Plover Pond crossover at the CMPoint State Park."

[Although the woodcock I had yesterday at Beaver Swamp seemed poised to survive the winter - flying well and at a good location - extended cold is very hard on this species, often forcing them to unusual locations, like along, or even on, roads. Photo by Karl Lukens in Cape May Point.]

[Partial albino Common Grackle at my feeders this morning. Albinism has been recorded in nearly all North American bird families, but seems to occur more commonly in grackles than most other species.]

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