Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lark Sparrow and Woodcock

The Lark Sparrow at the junction of Shunpike and the "Ferry Road" (a.k.a. Route 9) was relocated yesterday by Steve Leitner in bushes on the east side of Shunpike, south of Route 9, near where the new winery field is going in.

Mike Crewe reports that a couple American Woodcock have been displaying at Higbee Beach.

Bonaparte's Gulls are present as expected along the bay from Villas south to Cape May Point, and on the Atlantic side, too. Mike had 25 concentrated at the mouth of the Cape May Canal yesterday, and I had 50 near the Concrete Ship and about 50 more in scattered groups farther north, from the Ferry Terminal north to Miami Beach in the Villas. A few were off North Wildwood this morning, too. None of the fancier hooded gulls have been reported with the bonies recently.

The immature male King Eider at the Coast Guard jetty continues this morning but is a tough chance because of the distance. Intense scoping of the jetty by looking north from Poverty Beach (the north end of the Cape May City beaches) on a day with excellent viewing conditions is the best bet. Do NOT go past the Coast Guard's no trespassing sign.

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