Friday, January 8, 2010

Cape May CBC Results + Eiders, Seal

[A few of the 11 Common Eiders near the jetties at Stone Harbor Point yesterday. Several were feeding on blue mussels plucked from the rocks, including this hen (lower right). Click to enlarge photos.]

Thanks to Louise Zemaitis, the results from the Cape May Christmas Bird Count are now up under Field Trip Reports, with too many highlights to list here - check out, for example, the sparrow counts, which make me think we should hold our sparrow workshop in the winter! 150 total species were found, and the Cape May CBC cumulative species list is now 264.

Stone Harbor Point yesterday had nice flocks of sea ducks including 11 Common Eiders, scoters, Long-tailed Ducks, and a Horned Grebe. 6 Purple Sandpipers were on the jetty there.

[This Harbor Seal sent the sea ducks pattering far offshore when it appeared near the Stone Harbor Point jetty yesterday. Harbor Seals are predators, but they eat primarily fish and shellfish. The ducks weren't taking any chances. ]

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