Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Gull Departure

While scoping the Delaware Bay from Reed's Beach this evening, a flock of small gulls approached from the south- a welcome sight, given the general lack of anything else to look at. As the birds approached, it was evident that the flock was comprised of Bonaparte's Gulls, as to be expected. However, a more careful examination revealed a slightly different bird toward the rear of the group, featuring all-dark underwings and plain gray upperwings- an adult Little Gull!

Unfortunately (for me) the birds didn't linger- in fact, in almost no time at all, the entire group lifted up above the horizon, made a few unorganized circles to gain altitude, and then boogied toward the northwest. Pennsylvania birders, you are on notice!

Now of course, the question arises: was this the same adult Little Gull that entertained many observers farther south along the bay on Friday afternoon, or was it a different bird? Who really knows... I certainly didn't have enough time to try to match this bird's features to the bird present on Friday, and if there's a time of year when multiple Little Gulls could be moving through Cape May, now would be it.


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