Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We all love birding, and we never like to miss the opportunity for a good bird, but unfortunately a few negative comments are finding their way back to me with regard to the Brown Booby. While the Brown Booby will give you fabulous views if you take the time to enjoy a great back bay boat trip with either The Osprey or The Skimmer, it can also be scoped distantly from Two-mile Landing which is a marina and site of a former restaurant along Ocean View, just south of Wildwood Crest and opposite the Coastguard Ponds. Much of the land at Two-mile Landing is private, and much of the land is closed to public access. There are clear signs there indicating private property and indicating where it is OK to park. We are hearing that these signs are being ignored. Having just spoken with the Dockmaster, I also understand that there is an issue with people driving too fast on the entrance road and around the parking areas. Courtesy and good manners cost nothing and mean that we are able to continue to birdwatch on the site. If you have visited before and think that you know the site, do please note that things may have changed since you last visited; don't take anything for granted.

Please, please, please heed these simple rules for the sake of all birders, both local and visiting, and for the perceptions that others have of us.

Thank You

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