Saturday, November 7, 2009

Birds seen and heard about

This morning's Waterbird Society Meeting field trip at Cape May Point featured multiple Rusty Blackbirds perched with other blackbirds near Saint Mary's, a wave of mostly grackles heading out across the bay to Delaware, lots of seabird movement (scoters, gannets, both loons), and 29+ Common Eiders resting off Saint Mary's/Saint Peters. One nearly washed onto the beach when, while preening, it was inattentive to the waves. We also saw one of the Eurasian Wigeon in Lighthouse Pond, amidst the really nice collection of ducks there.

Pre-dawn I watched the skyline at Cape May Point and saw one medium-sized owl and multiple Wilson's Snipe and American Woodcock. Look into the sunrise. Rumor is at least 8 Saw-whet Owls were banded in Cape May last night by Katy Duffy, but I wish you well finding one on a roost in habitat-rich Cape May.

Vince Elia told me about Golden Eagle and 2 Tundra Swans over Cape Island, seen from multiple vantages, and Orange-crowned and Nashville Warblers in the first field at the Beanery.

I poked and prodded around Two-mile Landing along Ocean Drive for salt sparrows, and found all three candidates (Saltmarsh, Nelson's and Seaside) after a struggle and some very muddy boots.

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