Friday, November 13, 2009

Swainson's Continues, More Eiders, and Plan on Birding Sunday

Remaining perhaps the most chaseable Swainson's Hawk in history, the light morph juvenile at the Beanery/a.k.a. Rea Farm is still there today. I would hazard that it will still be there tomorrow morning, too. Here's map to the area it has been hanging out, click to enlarge:

In other bird news, the Common Eider count at St. Peter's in Cape May Point is up to 80, way the highest count ever for Cape May County. Three White-winged Scoters and two Purple Sandpipers are also there.

Some weather, eh? The tides have been amazingly high, higher than anything from Hurricane Isabel in 2003, according to Chris Hajduk over at the Coast Guard Base. But keep your eye on Sunday, because it will have been 5+ days of backed-up migrants from bad weather (which is one good reason why the Swainson's Hawk is still here) and good flight conditions are forecast for Saturday night and Sunday.

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