Sunday, November 1, 2009

Eurasian Wigeon and Western Kingbird

[This Eurasian Wigeon, a young male-type, appeared on Lighthouse Pond at Cape May Point State Park yesterday. Photo by Tony Leukering, click to enlarge.]

[Tony also found this Western Kingbird at the south side of Villas WMA yesterday.]

[Great Egret against lovely fall colors. We'll be aching for a sight like this in a few weeks. . .photo by Tony Leukering, click to enlarge.]

[Ruddy Ducks, Cape May Point State Park, photo by Tony Leukering].

I'm not so thrilled with the revised forecast - it looks like north-northeast winds at 15 mph the next couple days. Who knows - maybe good seawatching plus we have now entered "rarity month."

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