Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cave Swallow, Hudwit

[Don't you just wish you could camp out on the hawk watch platform? This Hudsonian Godwit flew by this morning. Photo by Michael O'Brien, click to enlarge.]

Hawkwatch platform birds, other than the godwit above, included Cave Swallow and two Glossy Ibis that dropped into the meadows. During this morning's field trip for the Waterbird Society meeting, we had at least two Parasitic Jaegers in the rips while watching from the dune crossover near the platform. Plenty of high robins were migrating, as were Eastern Bluebirds, Purple Finches, and a couple Blackpolls.

I had what was probably a Saw-whet Owl fly in front of my vehicle on Sunset Avenue in the pre-dawn, but it was only a glimpse. It was that or a woodcock, but didn't seem like the latter.

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