Friday, February 4, 2011

I Saw a Rare Bird. . .Black-headed Gull

[First, these are NOT Black-headed Gulls, they are Bonaparte's Gulls, which are prettier than BHGU IMHO. Adult above, 1st cycle below, both were along Delaware Bay north of the Cape May ferry terminal this morning. Click to enlarge.]

If you need a good laugh today, I beg, implore and beseech you (but first must warn you: it contains mild cursing and intentional sterotyping) to check out this short video entitled: What happens when the tragically uninformed meet the regrettably uptight. Trust me, it's worth it!

[Here's the Black-headed Gull, center-right, red bill and a bit bigger than the bonies. Click to enlarge. Two Black-headed Gulls continue along the Delaware Bay north of the Cape May Ferry terminal. They move around, to you might have to hunt and peck a bit to find them. This one was opposite Emerson Ave. this morning. BHGU doesn't always jump out at you from Bonaparte's.]

[Already inspecting nest sites, Canada Geese at Bunker Pond, Cape May Point State Park this morning. Can Valentine's Day be far away?]

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