Sunday, February 27, 2011

Slow but sure, and news from Villas WMA

A bit of sun, an increase in temperature and a weekend day all came together to ensure that people were out and enjoying Cape May today. First the big fanfare as we announce this year's LAGU Award winners: Sam Galick and Tom Reed got the first Laughing Gull of the year which cruised north past St Peter's at Cape May Point at around 2:30PM today. The first real, surefire sign that spring is not too far away. Eleswhere, Tom Reed reoprted a Piping Plover on Two-mile Beach, while Roger and Kathy Horn found American Tree Sparrow and Wood Duck at The Beanery.

To any-one coming birding at Cape May in the near future, be aware that the Villas Wildlife Management Area is currently completely closed to public access while the old building complex by the main lake is demolished. Looks like they expect the area to remain closed right through the spring period so we'll let you know if that changes. Please take advance notice that our Villas/Cox Hall Creek walk scheduled in the The Kestrel as running sundays at 07:30AM from April 3rd, will need to be moved and will be replaced by a Higbee's Beach WMA walk on the same time and dates. Roger and Kathy Horn will lead this walks and are pleased to have the opportunity to take weekenders to this excellent site, which we haven't given Sunday coverage to of late.

Sometimes you have to take what you can get! American Tree Sparrow plays hide and seek with its observers. [Photo by Roger Horn]

Male Wood Duck at The Beanery today - on the little pond at the north end of the back field. [Photo by Roger Horn]

Piping Plover - the first returning bird to be reported this year was reported by Tom Reed at Two-mile Beach today. [Photo by Roger Horn]

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